M Series Chamber Silencers

Maxim M Series Chamber silencers provide the best noise control across the entire audible range. The basic design incorporates non-resonant side tube arrangements to permit passage of the exhaust gases from one chamber to another. This creates a reversal of flow and develops a predictable amount of back pressure. Another important feature of chamber type silencers is the availability of side inlet exhaust connections. These units can also have side outlet exhaust connections. These side connections, while having little effect on the pressure drop, will in many instances greatly facilitate installation of the silencer by eliminating the need for elbows in the exhaust piping.


Industrial grade, 15 to 20 dBA expected attenuation
M22 Residential grade, 20 to 25 dBA expected attenuation
M32 Critical grade, 25 to 32 dBA expected attenuation
M42 Super Critical grade, 30 to 38 dBA expected attentation
M52 Hospital grade, 35 to 42 dBA expected attenuation
M62 Hospital Plus grade, 35 to 50 dBA expected attenuation
M72 Extreme grade, 40 to 55 dBA expected attenuation
M82 Super Extreme grade, 45 to 60 dBA expected attenuation
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