MSA Series Spark Arresting Chamber Silencers

Maxim MSA Series Spark arresting chamber silencers. Spark arresting applications include marine service, refineries and other hazardous environments. These units have chamber type designs. The retention of hot carbon and soot particles minimizes danger and helps provide a cleaner area and atmosphere.


Industrial grade, 12 to 20 dBA expected attenuation
MSA11 Residential grade, 20 to 25 dBA expected attenuation
MSA22 Critical grade, 25 to 32 dBA expected attenuation
MSA33 Super Critical grade, 30 to 38 dBA expected attenuation
MSA44 Hospital grader, 35 to 42 dBA expected attenuation
MSA55 Hospital Plus grade, 35 to 50 dBA expected attenuation
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