QAC Series Overview

Maxim QAC Series Catalytic Silencers, to download overview click here

The Maxim QAC Quick-Access series of catalytic silencers is the ultimate solution for natural gas internal combustion engine emission control in any environment. Easy to install and simple to maintain and operate, QAC silencers are designed to work efficiently and economically over a long, trouble-free life span. We offer the flexibility and performance needed to efficiently meet your specific requirements, plus innovative features that are only available from Maxim.

Our QAC silencers combine two solutions in one;

Highly Efficient Emission Reduction

  • Three-Way (NOx, CO, NMHC, HcHo)
  • Oxidation (CO, NMHC, HcHo)

Proven Noise Attenuation

  • Silencing configurations are available as a housing only or with inaugurated silencers from industrial grade to hospital plus grade noise attenuation.


  • Single wrench servicing of elements
  • Gasket free seal between catalytic core and housing
  • Hinged or removable access cover
  • Dual element capacity
  • Platinum and rhodium metals provide long lasting catalytic activity
  • Stainless steel monolithic element with support band and handle
  • Positive mechanical axial sealing of elements
  • Multiple emission sample ports with separate element monitoring
  • Low backpressure inlet diffuser for better exhaust distribution
  • Minimum pressure drop design for housing and element






  • Enhanced conversion elements
  • Multiple element configuration, install up to two elements
  • NSCR Three-Way or Oxidation
  • Attenuation/noise reductions available:
    • Housing only
    • Residential 20 to 25 dBA
    • Critical 25-32 dBA
    • Super Critical 30-40 dBA
    • Hospital Plus 35-50 dBA
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel housing
  • Complete range of exhaust accessories

Added Values

  • Delivering distinctly-focused, customer specific engineered solutions within budget and on schedule
  • Providing silencer sizing based on customer's application and desired emission reduction
  • Custom designs available for the following extreme applications:
    • Very high temperature operations (above 1300°F)
    • Very low temperature operations (below 550°F)
  • Near 100% NOx or CO emission destruction
  • Offering ongoing performance tuning and monitoring, if required

Maxim QAC Series Catalytic Silencers, to download overview click here

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