RAC1 Housing Only Catalytic Converter

Housing Only

The RAC1 provides customizable emission reduction. The RAC is designed to require one wrench access cover removal for easy servicing of elements. Maxim Silencers are proudly made in the USA.

Highly Efficient Emission Reduction

  • Three-Way (NOx, CO, NMHC, HcHo)
  • Oxidation (CO, NMHC, HcHo)
  • Diesel Oxidation (CO, NMHC, PM)

Typical applications: Gas reciprocating internal combustion engines, natural gas compression packages, electrical power generation, and engine driven pumps


  • Hinged or removable access cover
  • Gasket free seal between catalytic core and housing
  • One wrench to remove access cover
  • Advanced acoustical design
  • Heavy duty, all welded construction and long service life
  • High temperature prime coated exterior finish
  • Multiple sample ports and separate element monitoring
  • Top or side facing door arrangement
  • Test ports per EPA and TCEQ guidelines

Options / Accessories

  • Stainless steel construction: 304 or 316
  • Flexible connectors
  • Companion flanges
  • Cleanout openings
  • Side inlet and outlet
  • Horizontal or vertical support arrangements
  • Top or side facing door arrangement
  • Custom sizing
  • Explosion relief cover
  • Special paints and finishes available
  • Installs up to two NSCR Three-Way, Oxidation or Diesel Oxidation elements
  • Complete range of exhaust accessories

Attenuation Curves

To download the Maxim RAC1 spec page click here

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