Soldered lined bellows

Maxim Silencers specializes in soldered lined bellows for the oil & gas, exploration & extraction, power generation, marine,manufacturing, and other industries needing dependable, long-lasting, custom expansion joints.

Expansion joints are also known as flex joints or movement joints.  They hold parts together while absorbing vibration, temperature-induced expansion, and noise for engines and piping.

If you do not use expansion joints with pipelines, piping systems, industrial silencers, waste heat recovery units, turbines, and to many other applications to mention in detail, components will crack under the stress induced by warming and cooling from seasonal variation as well as high temperature fluids, air, exhaust steam or gasses passing through the pipes.

Flexible joints are available in single and multi-ply designs depending on your axial, lateral, angular, and universal movement design needs.   

Our on-staff engineering experts and custom fabrication soldered lined bellows equipment enables us to manufacture and customize exhaust products to your exact size, pressure, and movement specifications. We are able to provide you with a single unrestrained, universal, pressure balanced, gimbal, hinged, in-line elbow, convoluted, tandem, dual, flanged ends, Wyes, Flex, or other configurationcustom industrial grade solution.  

Expansion joints are manufactured in 321 stainless steel and are able to provide customized solutions for unique end application environments to include many types of metals, fabric, 304L, 310, 316, 316L, alloy, super alloy, nickel alloy, cast iron, bronze, Monel, carbon steel, elastomers, rubber, plastic, PTFE, metallic, non-metallic, flex, and other composite materials.

In addition to fabricating our own expansion joints, we inspect, service, install, repair, or retrofit expansion joints for Ajax, CAT, Caterpillar, Cummings, Detroit Diesel, Donaldson Company, Waukesha, and other manufacturers.

Maxim also offers silencers and mufflers designed to meet the most demanding applications and most strenuous requirements for engine or turbine exhaust noise control, silencing of high pressure vent application, economic recovery of waste heat, and effective control of exhaust emissions.

We provide catalytic silencers that guarantee reductions of NOx, CO, formaldehyde, VOCs and non-methane hydrocarbons in engine exhaust applications.

Whether it’s manufacturing or designing a complete exhaust system for first fit packagers, rental fleet operators, retrofit and overhaul shops, or end users of industrial engines, Maxim Silencerscan meet your soldered lined bellows needs.

Our engineering capabilities include Finite Element Analysis, 3-D solid modeling, state-of-the-art noise testing, and analysis equipment.  When needed, we provide field analysis to ensure real solutions to real world issues.

We provide competitive pricing, timely service, performance assurance, and customer service for the highest quality custom expansion joints products.

We provide soldered lined bellows for the marine, power generation, Oil & Gas, exploration & extraction, manufacturing, and gas compression markets in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Utah and other USA and global regions.

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