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Founded by Hiram Percy Maxim over 125 years ago, Maxim has extensive experience in design and development of noise control devices. Today Maxim Silencers, located in Houston, Texas, manufactures a complete line of noise control, waste recovery and emission control equipment under the Maxim trade name. Maxim Silencers is a global force in sounds and emissions controls, with outstanding products and pioneering ideas, which is why we pride ourselves on the amazing team of people at Maxim.

Maxim brings a broad range of manufacturing capabilities and on-staff engineering to the design and development of Maxim Silencer products to meet the most demanding industry requirements. Our engineering capabilities include: Finite Element Analysis, 3-D solid modeling, state-of-the art noise testing, and analysis equipment. Our new noise testing equipment puts us on the leading edge of modern technology by providing in-house testing capability of new and existing Maxim Silencer products. Our noise testing equipment also provides capability for field analysis of noise problems to provide real solutions to real world noise concerns.

Maxim offers silencers and mufflers designed to meet the most demanding applications and most strenuous requirements for engine or turbine exhaust noise control, silencing of high pressure vent application, economical recovery of waste heat, and effective control of exhaust emissions.

Control of exhaust emissions can be obtained by using Maxim’s catalytic silencers. Catalytic silencers achieve guaranteed reductions of NOx, CO, formaldehyde, VOCs and non-methane hydrocarbons in engine exhaust applications. Catalytic silencers are available in standard models for catalytic reduction with critical grade silencing to meet most local regulations for emissions reductions and silenced noise level requirements.

Chambered silencers (or mufflers) for reciprocating gas or diesel engines are available to meet most engine exhaust requirements, including the dry exhaust systems and wet exhaust systems that are used in many marine applications. Chambered silencers include features such as spark arresting capability, low pressure drop designs and absorptive designs. These silencers are extremely effective mufflers of the loud exhaust noise associated with internal combustion engines.

Vent silencers are highly effective, absorptive design noise mufflers that employ the use of internal, acoustically packed panels to suppress noise generated by the high velocity discharge of air, gas or steam to the atmosphere. This is done through process vents, relief valve discharges, blow off or blow down processes, compressor start ups, ejector discharges, or similar applications resulting in depressurization of a system.

Other silencer applications may use chambered muffler design, acoustically packed silencer design, or a combination of both to meet noise control applications for blower and vacuum pumps. When mufflers are used in a closed loop pressurized system, such as those found in compressor station intakes or discharges, the use of silencers designed and stamped to meet ASME Code may be required.

Maxim’s waste heat recovery silencers may be used in applications where engine exhaust heat, which would otherwise be lost, may be utilized to economically produce hot water or steam. Maxim’s heat recovery units are highly efficient at capturing waste exhaust heat while effectively silencing the engines exhaust noise. A wide range of models are offered for gas or diesel reciprocating engines and for gas turbine applications.

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