Absorptive Design Intake Silencers

Intake models are built cleaned for intake service. The FPE model in stock sizes 4 through 12 is also built clean for intake use and may be substituted for the FP. The E designation on any FP design indicates that the silencer is built to withstand hot engine exhaust service. Absorptive silencer designs are compact and have low pressure drops. They are ideal for many applications including fan intakes and discharges, engine air intakes, small steam vents and centrifugal compressor inlets where absorption of high frequency noise is important. An FPE, FPCE or FPSE installed in series with an M-line chamber type silencer can provide 10-20 dBA enhancement of the overall engine noise attenuation. Addition of an absorptive design silencer may improve the overall attenuation of the system by 10 to 20 dBA.

Annular Design Intake Silencers

Designed for a variety of intake (AFS) and exhaust (AFSE) applications ranging from 500-5,000 hp, or mass flow of 2.5 thru 65 lbs/sec. Approximate capacities are based on average gas velocity through silencer of approximately 10,000 ft/min, and will vary depending on pressure drop criteria. Special bullet designed internals consist of acoustic fiberglass packing adjacent to concentric perforated cylinders, creating an annular flow design. Air intake unit internals are made of stainless steel, tig welded, cleaned and sealed for shipping.

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