With more than 100 years experience in silencing design and manufacturing, Maxim has developed the Maxim MACC Catalytic Silencers Series utilizing rectangle elements. Maxim MACC Catalytic Silencers are engineered and for larger horsepower engines while maximizing your emissions and noise compliance. Constructed of carbon steel with multiple attenuation/ noise reduction options available, the MACC series can be engineered and designed to your specific requirements. Maxim Silencers are proudly made in the USA.

Typical applications: Gas reciprocating internal combustion engines, natural gas compression packages, electrical power generation, and engine driven pumps

Highly Efficient Emission Reduction

  • Three-Way (NOx, CO, NMHC, HcHo)
  • Oxidation (CO, NMHC, HcHo)
  • Diesel Oxidation (CO, NMHC, PM)

Proven Noise Attenuation

  • Silencing configurations from Residential grade to Super Extreme grade noise attenuation.


  • Easy access to rectangle catalysts, one person can service unit
  • Guaranteed emission reductions
  • Catalyst wedge-sealing design
  • Heavy duty, welded construction
  • ANSI drilled flanges on inlet and outlet
  • Sampling ports per EPA and TCEQ guidelines.
  • Elements are installed parallel to each other to reduce back pressure

Options / Accessories

  • Stainless steel construction: 304 or 316
  • External insulation available
  • Multiple rectangle element sizes and configurations available
  • Three-Way (NOx, CO, NMHC, HcHo), Oxidation (CO, NMHC, HcHo) or Diesel Oxidation (CO, NMHC, PM) rectangle elements
  • Special paints and finishes available
  • Complete range of exhaust accessories

Download the Maxim MACC spec page click here

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