Gas Turbine Silencers

Gas Turbine Exhaust & Air Intake Silencers

Maxim Silencers series of Gas Turbine silencers incorporates our proven designs and principles to reduce sound levels emitted from the exhaust of Gas Turbines. Maxim Gas Turbine silencers are simple, compact, efficient, and durable. The basic design consists of an annular passage of perforated metal backed with acoustical material. This design imposes very low flow restriction while providing excellent noise attenuation throughout the entire sound spectrum.

Maxim Silencers has provided first fit OEM’s,  and field replacement silencers for over 50 years to the power generation, industrial, and gas compression markets. Our engineers can help select the right turbine silencer for your specific application, including pressure drop requirements and any sound level performance requirements.

Gas Turbine Air Intake Silencers

Maxim provides complete air intake retrofit kits with stainless steel ducting to protect against rusting and paint flaking. Our kits include all the bolts and brackets for an easy field retrofit. Contact our sales or engineering department for a bid or schedule an appointment to measure your system.

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