MP11 Marine Engine / Wet Exhaust Silencers

15 to 18 dBA Noise Reduction

Constructed of 316L stainless steel, the MP11 offers good noise attenuation with low pressure drop in marine exhaust systems where water is injected upstream of the silencer. Mixed exhaust flow temperature not to exceed 200ºF at silencer inlet.

Typical Applications: Internal combustion engines using wet type exhaust


  • Advanced acoustical design
  • Reduces noxious fumes and odors
  • Thick wall construction for high transmission loss
  • All welded construction and long service life
  • Easy installation in any position

Options / Accessories

  • Monel construction
  • Flanged connections
  • Standard pipe size O.D. stubs
  • Horizontal or vertical support arrangements
  • Complete range of exhaust accessories

Attenuation Curves

To download the Maxim MP11 spec page click here

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