ILL30 Inline ASME Code Silencers

30 dBA Noise Reduction

Maxim ILL30 Inline ASME Code Silencers will provide a very high level of silencing and minimal pressure drop when properly installed with pressure reducing valves and on centrifugal compressor discharges. These silencers are fabricated in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division I.

Typical Applications: Pressure reducing valves and Centrifugal compressor discharges


  • Advanced acoustical design
  • All welded construction and long service life
  • Easily installed in any position
  • Prime coated exterior finish
  • Low pressure drop

Options / Accessories

  • Flanged inlet and outlet connections
  • Metallic wool packing
  • Various support arrangements
  • Special paint
  • Stainless steel construction

Attenuation Curves

To download the Maxim ILL30 spec page click here

Part No.*A MaxB Std.C/D Std.Max. Operating Pressure
-20°F to 650°F for each design 1⁄16″ Corrosion Allowance
Est. Wt.
ILL30-3*10¾303375; 540; 1200322
ILL30-3.5*10¾34380; 540; 1200375
ILL30-4*12¾384325; 450; 1200558
ILL30-5*12¾465325; 446 1200717
ILL30-6*13¼686249; 847; 1076607
ILL30-8*15¼928214; 731; 931941
ILL30-10*17¼12010188; 554; 8201141
ILL30-12*19¼14012167; 413; 574; 794; 8901881
ILL30-14*21¼16114151; 299; 446; 717; 8042387
ILL30-16*23¼18016137; 273; 406; 473; 654; 7332935
Note: Dimensions are applicable to both standard and reduced inlet silencers. Standard silencers do not include diffusers. Dimensions C and D are equal on standard silencers. Data on larger sizes available upon request.
  • All dimensions are in inches. All weights are in pounds. Weights are approximate.
  • Listed sound data is based on typical performance and should not be considered absolute.
  • *See nomenclature guide for additional information on part number creation.

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