MSA11 Residential Spark Arresting Chamber Exhaust Silencers

20 to 25 dBA Noise Reduction

The MSA11 silencer is engineered to provide a residential grade attenuation with a highly efficient spark arrestor. Designed for use on the exhaust system of internal combustion engines where a fire hazard or dirt nuisance would exist from particles of carbon or ash in the exhaust stream.

Typical Applications: Internal combustion engine exhausts, marine service, refineries/hazardous environments, and offshore drilling/production platforms


  • Advanced acoustical design
  • Heavy duty, all welded construction and long service life
  • Easily installed in any position
  • High heat silicone black finish
  • Connections: Sizes 3.5 and under MNPT, 4 and up ANSI pattern flanged
  • Two chambers
  • Drain connections

Options / Accessories

  • Explosion relief cover
  • Flexible connectors
  • Companion flanges
  • Cleanout openings
  • Custom inlet/outlet size, location and multiple orientation types available
  • Horizontal or vertical support arrangements
  • Aluminized steel, Stainless Steel 304 or 316 construction available
  • Special paints and finishes available
  • Complete range of exhaust accessories

Attenuation Curves

To download the Maxim MSA11 spec page click here

Part No*C SizeABN MinOPHEst WtC1C2
MSA11-1.51.59203.57.517320 EIEO SISO
MSA11-2292047.517321 EIEO SISO
MSA11-2.52.510244.5821328 EIEO SISO
MSA11-3312265923341 EIEO SISO
MSA11-3.53.514305.51027355 EIEO SISO
MSA11-44143661132464 EIEO SISO
MSA11-55164371239488 EIEO SISO
MSA11-6618497.513454110 EIEO SISO
MSA11-8822599.515554178 EIEO SISO
MSA11-1010266411.517604280 EIEO SISO
MSA11-121230771319734416 EIEO SISO
MSA11-1414368315.523785558 EIEO SISO
MSA11-1616409016.525855793 EIEO SISO
MSA11-181845961827.5915950 EIEO SISO
MSA11-20205010920.53010451392 EIEO SISO
MSA11-22225411922.53211451806 EIEO SISO
MSA11-242460125243512052187 EIEO SISO
MSA11-26266414025.53713552586 EIEO SISO
MSA11-28286815526.53915052984 EIEO SISO
MSA11-303072166284116153445 EIEO SISO
  • All dimensions are in inches. All weights are in pounds. Weights are approximate.
  • Listed sound data is based on typical performance and should not be considered absolute.
  • *See nomenclature guide for additional information on part number creation.

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