M7 Extreme Chamber Exhaust Silencers

    40 to 55 dBA Noise Reduction

    The M7 is engineered for areas requiring extreme grade noise reductions and is a reactive and absorptive silencer designed to achieve maximum attenuation as well as minimize radiated noise from breakout, without resorting to multiple silencers in series or custom designed silencers.

    Typical application: Internal combustion engine exhausts in extremely low background noise areas, such as residential or hospital locations away from busy streets.


    • Advanced acoustical design
    • Heavy duty, all welded construction and long service life
    • Easily installed in any position
    • High heat silicone black finish
    • Connections: Sizes 3.5 and under MNPT, 4 and up ANSI pattern flanged
    • Sizes 6 and under are two chambered, 8 and above are three chambers
    • Drain connections

    Options / Accessories

    • Explosion relief cover
    • Flexible connectors
    • Companion flanges
    • Cleanout openings
    • Custom inlet/outlet size, location and multiple orientation types available
    • Horizontal or vertical support arrangements
    • Aluminized steel, Stainless Steel 304 or 316 construction available
    • Special paints and finishes available
    • Complete range of exhaust accessories

    Attenuation Curves

    To download the Maxim M7 spec page click here

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